Miami’s Best Cuban Restaurants (

Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences for those who visit the city is to taste the incredible and varied Cuban gastronomy that promises an experience like no other. And everyone who visits Miami has to go to at least one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami that we have featured in this list.

1410 Ocean Drive / Website

This popular destination, which has several locations across the city, will make you feel like you were in Havana and relive the glamor of old Cuba from the 50s through a fantastic gastronomic experience like no other. Inside, its decor is inspired by Cuba with red and yellow tones and lots of leather and wood that will create a great ambiance typical of Cuba. Here you will find typical dishes such as Garlic Shrimp, Cuban Fried Pork Chunks, a Cuban Sampler, and more. Also, breakfast items like the famous Cuban Tortilla (omelette), midnight sandwich, or the typical Cuban lunch boxes offer soups, salads, or main dishes and their delicious side; a varied menu. And, don’t forget to try their delicious drinks like fruity mojitos, Cuba Libre rum, signature cocktails like the Habana Cosmo, and others. You have to visit a place, and when you are satisfied, you can walk along the famous Ocean Drive.

source: Miami’s Best Cuban Restaurants