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View the latest news about Havana 1957, Miami Beach’s best chain of authentic Cuban restaurants.

Miami’s Must-Try Cuban Restaurants

Sample the best Cuban food at these renowned restaurants in Miami. By: Gabriela Hardan and Valerie Conners Cuban culture infuses Miami's dining scene; in fact, more than 34% of the city's population hails from the Caribbean island. This pervasive – and tasty –...

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Miami’s Seven Best Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is only weeks away, and there's no better way to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year than with a few boo-zy cocktails. From stunning pumpkin libations to movie-inspired drinks, Miami purveyors are pulling out all the tricks and treats. Go ahead and...

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Actually cool things to do when someone visits Miami

Look, if you’ve never been to Miami before you pretty much HAVE to see it. So indulge your guests and start at Fifth Street and work your way north. If they insist on stopping for a drink, go over the top and get something smoking at Sugar Factory. If they want to...

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