History of Our Authentic Cuban Restaurant

We recently opened our fifth Havana 1957 restaurant here in greater Miami: our Ocean Drive Breakwater Hotel outpost. We’re proud to have expanded our little network of Cuban eateries in the years since we launched back in 2010, and so grateful to the countless customers—local Miamians and out-of-towners alike—who’ve supported us along the way!

Havana 1957: Authentic Cuban Cuisine in South Florida

Our mission with Havana 1957 hasn’t changed since the opening of our first restaurant nearly a decade ago: We aim to evoke in our atmosphere, décor, and flavors the seductive and dynamic spirit of Cuba’s legendary capital during its 1950s heyday. From the soundtrack coming through the speakers to the vintage memorabilia and furnishings, a visit to Havana 1957 is like a portal to another time and another place—all the more convincing given Miami’s proximity to and close historical associations with Havana.

Although a bit of Old Cuba time travel and nostalgia is part of our M.O. here at Havana 1957, the heart of our experience is, of course, our authentic Cuban cuisine. From our signature Havana 1957 dish—an old-school family recipe of roasted chicken and Cuban gravy, served alongside white rice, black beans, and sweet plantains—to our croquetas and our stuffed green plantains (Tostones Rellenos), we celebrate the island’s culinary traditions with great pride.

Our Larger Restaurant Family

Our five Havana 1957 restaurants—besides the Breakwater Hotel spot, Lincoln Road, Espanola Way, Pembroke Pines, and our 2016-opened Ocean Drive establishment, which we like to think of as our “El Malecon” location—fall under the mantle of Vida & Estilo (V&E) Restaurant Group. Established in 1985, V&E is an international family of unique, “lifestyle”-oriented eateries focused on everything from Mexican to Italian cookery.

You’ll find V&E restaurants not only here in Miami (where Havana 1957 rubs shoulders with such V&E cousins as Mercato della Pescheria, Tapas y Tintos, Oh! Mexico, Barsecco, and La Cervecería de Barrio) but also in Las Vegas and Mexico.

Join Us for Cuban Dining & Atmosphere at Havana 1957

Come soak in the liveliness and elegance of ’50s-era Cuba at any of our Havana 1957 locations in the Miami metro area, where we’ll ply you with delicious food, festive drinks, and a one-of-a-kind ambience that might just convince you that you’ve magically been transported across the Straits of Florida—and back across the decades! You’ve got a standing invitation to the Havana 1957 table.