Best Summer Cocktails on Miami Beach

Ah, summer in Miami Beach: the perfect excuse for a cocktail! You’ll have your pick of some fabulous libations by paying us a visit here at Havana 1957, host to some of the very finest Cuban cuisine to be had in South Florida.

Whichever of our five locations you visit—Lincoln Road, South Beach, Ocean Drive, Española Way, or Pembroke Pines—you’re going to be able to happily wet your whistle amid the seductive tropical swelter of the season.

Havana 1957: The Cathedral of Cuban Mojitos

We call our restaurant—equally inspired by traditional Cuban cuisine and the romantic vibe of 1950s-era Havana—“the Cathedral of Cuban Mojitos.” It’s a nickname we go by honestly.

The straight-shooters among you might choose from among our three Classic Mojitos: the South Beach Mojito, the Mojito Clasico and the Ultimate Mojito. If the summer’s heat got you feeling a little zestier, maybe opt for one of the Havana 1957 Fruity Mojitos: from the Mangojito and the Kiwijito (they’re just fun to say, aren’t they?) to our Pineapple and Strawberry concoctions.

Think we’ve exhausted the Mojito possibilities? Think again! We also offer two creations in what we call the Miami Beach Mojito category: our Red Bull Mojito, combining that caffeinated pick-me-up with the Bacardi Rum flavor of your choice, and our Diet Mojito, which incorporates splenda.

If you’ve got a whole thirsty party with you, you might consider ordering a Mojito Pitcher. (Yes, we serve Mojito Pitchers! You’re welcome.)

Other Summer Miami Beach Cocktails at Havana 1957

We can also transport you back to the golden days of Havana with our wide selection of Cuba Libres, from the “Old School” to our Spiced and Special Barrel versions.

Then there’s our Havana Cosmo, our Hemingway Special (for raising a glass to “Papa” with), our Piña Colada, our Canchanchara, and our Cubanada, a Cuban spin on a Michelada beer cocktail mixing ice-cold brew with fresh lime juice and Clamato.

Join Us for a Summer Drink at Havana 1957

If you’re not in the mood for a cocktail, needless to say you have plenty of other options for liquid nourishment at Havana 1957: from straight rums and beer to wines and sangria, not to mention a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. The important thing is to slake your thirst at our table this summer while enjoying the finest in Cuban cuisine under the Miami Beach sunshine!